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Collision Hub Members,


I thought you might be interested in the new collision photo organizing software we released last week. It has the functionality of the Mitchell FastPhoto module but does not require the $1000 cameras or dedicated server. There is information at I've included the press release here as well.




Steven Siessman


Easy Photo Organizer™ Automates the Photo Documentation Process without the need for expensive cameras or additional computer purchases


Easy Photo Organizer™ automatically moves original digital cameras photographs to individual estimates and repair orders folders, creates reduced size images, and automatically archives images


San Diego, CA-October 18, 2010-, Inc. , a provider of estimate translation and auditing solutions to the Property & Casualty claims and Collision Repair industries, and Auto$Profit, a provider of integrated estimating information today announced the release of Easy Photo Organizer™, a jointly developed system that fully automates the time-consuming process of capturing, sorting, and accessing collision-related photographs.


Easy Photo Organizer utilizes advanced image recognition technology to automatically sort, resize images, and create RO or estimate folders. The system will work in any collision center to attach vehicle photos to the correct RO or estimate folder automatically, at the click of the camera button using off the shelf wireless technology, or using an existing digital camera and USB cable. Easy Photo Organizer speeds up the vehicle photo documentation process, helping shops save money on each estimate.


Steve Morris, President Auto$Profit, said, "While it was an important design criteria that the system be automatic and simple to use, it was equally important to use the shop's current equipment, including $90 digital cameras and computers purchased several years ago. We felt it was unreasonable to ask shops to re-invest thousands of dollars replacing existing cameras and computers just to use new software to organize their digital photos. If they want, shops can upgrade their current digital cameras by purchasing inexpensive cards at electronics retailers, or they can decide to continue to use what they have now. "


Steven Siessman, President, said, "The requirement to work with existing digital cameras and older computers challenged us, but in the end we have a fast, efficient solution that runs on 6 year old computers and older digital cameras. We added a twist to things by combining the best of barcode and image recognition technologies, creating a fast, friendly, familiar process shops can use to automate the photo documentation process. The system is very flexible, shops can continue to use their existing cameras and computers, or upgrade to wireless using inexpensive cards in their digital cameras they can buy at electronics retailers."


The ability to automatically sort and resize images helps shops better visually document pre-existing damage, and supports estimate damage amounts with images. Easy Photo Organizer allows shops to radically increase the number of photographs they take without increasing the time and hassle to manage them.


Easy Photo Organizer uses barcode technology to self-organize images in a digital camera. Simply shoot a photo of a barcode, take photos, shoot a barcode for another job and continue. Estimate/RO Folders are automatically created from the barcodes; images sorted, archived and reduced image sets created for upload to insurance partners.  Multiple cameras can add photos to the same estimate or RO folder, or create department subfolders. For example, Easy Photo Organizer can automatically create body, frame, paint, parts or other folders for any RO or estimate on the fly.


Easy Photo Organizer Manager is easy to use-employees can be trained in minutes-uses the hardware you have in your shop today-and saves time and money on every job.


Contact Information


(818) 253-7444

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