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Did you know that over 1,000,000,000 US & Canadian Businesses generate over 1 Trillion new peices of paper each year?

Did you know that over 80% of todays information is still paper based?

Do you know how much time is wasted every day in your business "searching" for paper? These are facts that should be considered when moving forward in today's LEAN world.

What are you doing to eliminate or drastically reduce the paper in your workplace? If you have not already reduced the paper that your shop is printing and the paper you are filing (and re-filing), it is something that I strongly recommend that you start to think about. ALL of the above steps in regards to paper are waste in your business.

I look forward to hearing your feedback.


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Some of the things I have done to use less copy paper include connecting the fax line to a computer. The computera are networked so everyone has access and they print on when needed. Invoices are scanned for the work folder and the original stays in the vendor file for book keeping. When writing an estimate I try to print preview and correct my mistakes before the actual print. I also print only the estimate portion, not the legal verbage in the back. When printing a supplement, I only print the changed estimate, not the add/delete page unless needed.

For the techs, when I print off Alldata, I usually just print the diagram and write the measurements in by hand. The techs already know how to section, they just don't know where to cut.

There is a printer that uses all recycled paper that has printing on one side. If it's for just internal tech instructions, google map directions, or daily work order sheets, why not?

True, paper doesn't cost a lot, but why waste reasources when we don't have to.

Great Information. Thanks for the feedback.


Have you considered putting one or more computers in the back for the technicians to pull their own information from Alldata and / or the management system? I am seeing a great deal of collision centres moving to compuers in the back shop (mechanical shops have been doing it for years)

This could potentially save a great deal of time.

I have but it was never really needed.  It's the estimators job to print it out.  By having them do it, it requires them to make sure there is a procedure and it reminds them to order the materials.  They can include drill bits, structural adhesive, rivets, etc.  It's part of the shop's SOP how things are done.  Why have a tech look it up a second time when the estimator already did it. 


What ever system a shop chooses to adapt, it's more important that are are consistant with it and if it serves the company's needs. 

We moved from (paper folders) customer files, to electronic files about 3 years ago all information is available to everyone in real time through our management system our technicians have individual laptops to work on. All of them use their laptops to clock in and out of repair orders and are able to view the repair order as repairs are being made. If any changes have been made, a supplement for example, the technician will have the information in real time on their laptop. I also have Alldata available to them at their work stations should they need information on the vehicle they are working on. I have had the laptops in the shop  for 2 years this fall and have not had to do any service work on any of them! (Knock on wood)! You won’t believe the time you save, or the efficiency you create until you have done it. I will never go back to paper!

We installed a Bidet in the customer and employee bathrooms My new Bidet!!

Just kidding.........But {no pun intended} it would be a paper saver.....

We would then have to add a page to the employee Standard Operating Proceedure manual.

I will stop there before I get into trouble....


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