Door Replacement New OEM vs. Used Door vs. Outer Door Panel (Skin) Replacement (Virtual)

Door Replacement New OEM vs. Used Door vs. Outer Door Panel (Skin) Replacement (Virtual)


This presentation deals with the comparison, misconceptions, myths and misinformation told to the you about replacing a door shell with a new OEM shell vs a used door and we even blow away the myth of replacing an outer door panel verse a new door shell.  Larry Montanez has for over 30 years been collecting data and researching different operations and compiling time test studies, cost evaluations and writing articles and reports on his findings.  Montanez has proven the $13,000 quarter panel replacement AT $50.00 per hour and now he proves new OEM door shells are the only way to go.  We show three estimates for a Chevrolet Impala left front door, one for new OEM, one for a used door and one for a door skin replacement all in CCC and the results will surprise you. But to further prove our findings we show estimates for a Toyota Camry door shell verse a door skin replacement.  We also show an Audatex estimate for the new door shell on the Impala verse CCC and they are within less than 5% of each other dispelling the myth that estimating systems make a difference.

$200 includes the video.  For $250 get the video along with the sample estimates.


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