Measuring: August 27th – 28th (Chicago)

Measuring: August 27th – 28th (Chicago)


This two day class will focus on teaching technicians and estimators the fundamentals of structural damage and corrective repair planning. 
Day 1: Students will learn the variations on vehicle construction and how energy transfers across a vehicles structure during collisions. OEM repair manuals will be used as we demonstrate how to find load information within the repair manual and use it during your initial visual inspection of the vehicle. 
Damage is no longer about gaps and it frequently is found were you would have least expected it. 
Undiagnosed structural damage is one of the #1 causes for total loss following a Post Repair Inspection. 
Students will also be given a detailed SOP for visual inspections 
Day 2: We’ll head to the garage for corrective repair planning. Students will discuss the variety of holding systems currently available in the market including the major manufactures (Car-O-Liner, CarBench, Celette, Chief, etc). How to properly bench and set-up a vehicle for measuring in the system. Learn how holding or fixturing can affect your repair planning. What additional labor operations may be required. Best practices for estimating the process of setting up a vehicle, measuring, interpreting the report, anchoring, pulling and the repair of the anchor and pulled areas, including refinish times. 
Students will work on machines with trainers assisting 
A shops structural department should be one of the most profitable areas of the business. Learn the science behind collision damage, the requirements for repairs and the labor considerations for estimating. 
Host Location: 970 DuPage Ave, Lombard, IL 60148

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970 DuPage Ave, Lombard, IL 60148

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