Winter Collision Summit

Winter Collision Summit


Winter Collision Summit 
We’re heading back to Florida in 2020 for 3 days of intensive training and beach living!

Join us at the Private Collision Hub Garage in Naples, FL February 5-7. We’ll be bringing some groundbreaking equipment and software to the meetings for shops to experiment and get ahead of the game in 2020.


Identifying Personality Types On Your Staff And Applying Management Techniques
The Psychology Of Getting The Most From Those You Lead

Negotiation: Role Play and File Review
We’ll work as a group and break into small groups to put the 10 Conversation and Negotiation principles in action

Calibration vs Scanning
What’s the difference in Tools? What’s the process for the vehicle start to finish in repair. How do you choose dealership service departments and train them.

Alternative Pay Plans: What?
It’s no secret the industry is not sustainable on the pay models from the last 100 years.
We’ll discuss the variety of pay plans, rewards programs and how to motivate production without the carrot or the stick.

With a variety of daily sessions and guest speakers, it’s going to be a do not miss event. We’ll feature hands-on demonstrations and each attendee will leave with a suitcase full of new products, toolings and special offers from the¬†industry’s top companies!
January listing price will be $2,100 per person.

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